Support Local Boxing Events!

Supporting Local Boxing Events


Have you become frustrated with ordering extremely expensive PPV events that end up in lack-luster matches? I was in the exact same boat not too long ago. Actually, I was always frustrated with the cost of ordering an HBO PPV, and I can’t help but think this structure that places a massive restriction on peoples’ ability to watch boxing matches is anything but good for a sport that is decreasing in popularity.

Although I still can’t help but order the odd HBO PPV when there’s lots of potential for an exciting high-profile match, I’ve started shifting gears towards supporting my local boxing events. I know it may seem like a drastic drop in quality from the championship matches on HBO, but you would be surprised at how exciting a 4 round fight with rookie professional fighters can be, and you can actually find some matches with really good up-and-coming guys as well.

TV versus Live

I personally find that live sports are always way better than on TV. Sure, you can’t rewind or lay on the couch with your laptop while you watch a live sporting event, but the atmosphere definitely makes up for that. Even if you don’t really feel like going at first, once you’re there you will be pumped up, excited, and glad you went.

Additionally, supporting your local boxers can not only be easier on your wallet, but you’re supporting guys and girls who need it. Your money goes a lot further towards supporting athletes, maintaining or increasing the popularity of the sport, and providing cool venues than it does by staying at home and ordering a PPV.

Often times I hear people say why would I pay X amount of dollar to see these “no names” fight when I could pay more to watch guys like Cotto and Martinez go toe to toe. My response is that you will always be surprised by the talent, and especially the effort, that you local fighters will display. These guys and girls are climbing their way up the ladder trying to become the best. The grit and determination is always there, and since their skills aren’t perfectly refined to that of someone with a 55-0 record, they fights tend to be a little more open.

Not that we hope for people to get hurt, but you seldom see guys at the WBO Championship level opening up, taking risks, and going for a knockout. Yes, it does happen, and some of these PPV can be unreal, but there’s a better chance you will see some exciting fights at a local venue than on TV, and you get to see it in person.

Another way it can be really easy to get into the local fights is by reading a little bit about the boxers on various cards. Usually there will be information listed about those particular boxers, and you can find your favorite guys and girls to follow, and it can be very interesting to track these people throughout their careers, and that way you can have fighters that you can truly cheer for, especially if betting isn’t your thing.

How do I know when events are schedule?

It’s easy to say “Well I didn’t know about it”, and that is totally understandable. If there is one thing lacking in the boxing world, whether it be intentional or not, is that the general public is often left in the dark about boxing events. One thing you can do to stay up to date is check your local arena’s website each month for a schedule of games/shows/fights/whatever. Boxing matches are often held in Casinos as well, which could make for an awesome night out on the town.

Do I need to know anything about boxing to enjoy a local match?

Nope! In fact, not knowing anything about boxing can be just as exciting, as you will be able to pick things up along the way and things may seem more “unexpected” when they happen. Unlike watching something on TV where it seems like everyone is an expert and it’s easy to get distracted or frustrated, a live event will more likely be way more fun and interesting.

Lots of people think that boxing matches can be hostile places. Unless you’re in the ring, that’s not true. Most people watching will be there to simply cheer on their favorite boxers and have a great time, just like any other sport. If you have a group of people going you can often buy tickets for a table at ring level, or if you prefer, you can buy tickets for generic seats.

How can I support my local fighters?

Simple. Go to the events and spread the word. Everyone can benefit from this. Not only will you and your friends have a great time watching, but the boxers will surely appreciate your presence. Like I said previously, the general public often just isn’t aware of these types of events that can be a lot of fun, so simply spreading the word to friends, coworkers, whoever, can make a big difference.


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