P4P Topics – From a Spectator to a Fighter

P4P Topics – From a Spectator to a Fighter

One of the questions we hear a lot is why take up boxing? With the rise of concussion awareness, it’s understandable that people want this aspect of the issue addressed. However, we will also cover preconceived notions that boxing is a crude, barbaric sport, and why those thoughts are completely wrong.

Safety in Boxing

First off, we recognize concussions are serious problems that are finally beginning to receive the awareness they deserve. Given that the “name of the game” in boxing is to win a match via punching an opponent in the head, it’s totally understandable that those unfamiliar with boxing would immediately rule it unsafe.

However, for recreational boxers, this definitely is not the case. If you are thinking of starting boxing, you have nothing to worry about. At the recreational level sparring should be totally voluntary. If you decide to opt out of that portion of the training, then there will be nothing that can even hit you in the head, and it’s all purely a fitness regime.

For those who do want to take part in sparring, and perhaps even begin boxing at a competitive level, trainers will always use caution and only begin allowing you in the ring once you are adequately conditioned and have built up the appropriate skills.

Additionally, sparring is extremely controlled, and often times you will be interrupted numerous times in a round so a trainer can jump in and work on technique. Safety equipment is always used. In the case of sparring, this involves properly padded boxing gloves, headgear, a mouth guard, groin protection, and vaseline to allow punches that do land to slide of without exerting full force. For more information on selecting the best boxing equipment for your purposes, we suggest tomatocanchamp.com as a decent site to get you started.

At the end of the day, you never have to do anything you are uncomfortable with, and it’s in the trainers’ best interests to keep you safe and healthy as well. You can almost think of boxing like a job. You won’t be performing tasks without training first, and gradually you will become an expert with the tools you need to identify and solve any potential problems.


Fitness Benefits of Boxing

One word: Fitness. Boxing is unreal at getting you ripped. The structure of the workouts promote building muscle while simultaneously taxing the cardiovascular system, allowing you to shed unnecessary fat mass at the same time.

Typically, boxing does not incorporate heavy weights into a training regime. Some light weights may be used when performing shoulder exercises and targeting other muscle groups, but generally speaking, the work you do with your own body weight will be more than enough.

If you don’t believe me, sign up and see for yourself. In my own personal experience, I remember the days after my first few sessions. My shoulders were just blasted, I felt like I did a full body workout a million times, and what I found surprising is it felt like I did a back workout at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, this was the good type of exhausted feeling, and by keeping to my routine I was able to get in the swing of things very quickly, seeing results faster than I ever had before.

Boxing is a full body workout that will keep you burning calories even when you’re taking a rest day. Moreover, you will feel great being in the best shape of your life. One thing I found extremely beneficial was it put me in a better mood on a daily basis. I felt more confident, happy, and energetic. This is one of the main reasons I keep coming back.

It’s challenging AND fun

People often dread killer workouts because all they can think throughout is “I can’t wait to get this over with”. Sure, there will be times with a boxing training regime when you just want the round to end, but then you will be equally as excited for the next round to start.

Boxing is one of those workout where you can start incorporating your own personal rhythm. You can work at your own pace (as long as you’re not slacking), and build up your fitness how you want.

Another reason the training is fun is because you do a variety of workouts that target completely different skills, challenging your fitness and coordination in ways a fitness center can’t do. For example, you may go from the heavy bag, to focus mitts with a trainer, to a reflex bag, speed bag, then off to skipping. Lots to keep you busy and engaged!

Eventually, once you start getting into the swing of things, you can even start acquiring some of this equipment for your home (if you have the space). Depending on the hours of your gym, this could be a great way to refine your technique when you aren’t able to make it into the gym. You can get an idea if this will work with the space you have at home by checking out KO Boxing Gloves.

Mental and Physical Toughness

Boxing is what separates athletes from wannabe tough guys or girls. A lot of people stroll into boxing gyms thinking they will learn to be beasts, but don’t expect to put in much effort. However, like anything else, with boxing you get out of it what you put into it. You will have to work hard to reach your goals, but along the way you will learn to be resilient, you will learn how to overcome, and if not already one, you will learn how to be an athlete.

Boxing is great for learning your limits without going over them. You will quickly find out what you are capable of, and as you improve with training, you will see your progression each and every session. Mental toughness is a huge part of being able to achieve AND MAINTAIN your fitness goals, and boxing can teach you this in a hard working, safe, supportive environment.

As for the physical toughness, I’m not going to go soft and say boxing doesn’t hurt. Your muscles will ache sometimes, if you end up sparring you might get hit with some shots that sting, but at the end of the day you will be glad you gave it your all. Even if you don’t spar or fight, boxing as a fitness regime is one of the best ways to learn what you’re made of.  Go get em!


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