Boxing Events in California

Boxing Events by State

If you do not train at a boxing club it can be difficult finding information on upcoming events and matches. This is the biggest reason many people miss out awesome live sporting events, especially boxing. Therefore, we want to fill the gap and help provide information on upcoming events. Given there are countless matches happening on any day across the United States, we will try and split things up by state. So whether you’re looking for something fun to do on a Friday evening, or you’re traveling somewhere and want to see the local boxing talent, check out our listings for some great amateur, professional, and fundraiser events across the United States. Up first: California!


Boxing Events in Northern California

Click here for an excellent summary of boxing events in Northern California. One of the best things about this page is it is constantly updating, so if you check back periodically, you may find some events posted that are worth attending.

Although most of the listings are related to boxing matches, there are other types of events listed as well, so be sure to read carefully. For example, at the bottom of the page they list upcoming clinics, which may be extremely useful. Additonal items like celebrations of life and large fundraisers will also be listed.

Boxing Events in Central California

Click here for a decent resource on boxing events in Central California. Although the site is a little more cluttered than others, there are some unique pieces of information that could be of interest. For example, if you are interested in becoming an official, they have information regarding the first steps. We also like this site because they put a focus on showcasing local athletes.

Boxing Events in Southern California

Click here for a schedule of professional fights in Southern California. Unlike the previous link, this page only shows fight schedules, but includes disciplines other than boxing as well, such as muay thai and MMA.

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