Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Our Thoughts

Fight of the Century?


Well do I ever feel played. This was supposed to be the “fight of the century”, but instead, it was the “business transaction of the century”. I could go on complaining about the same legitimate things that others are complaining about, e.g. the incredibly boring nature of the fight, but I’d like to point a couple things out that really grind my gears, but also how those things may potentially help the sport in the long run (hopefully).

Pacquiao’s Injury

The day after the fight, Pacquiao revealed that he was fighting with a torn labrum, or rotator cuff, or whatever it was. In any case, it was a significant injury to his shoulder that directly limited his ability to punch. He was quoted as saying he was fighting at 60% strength.

This shows to me that, at least in this one instance, Pacquiao sold out. Instead of postponing the match, making it clear he wasn’t even close to 100%, he instead hid the injury from everyone except the US Anti Doping Agency. Although his injections were approved by the USADA, nothing as mentioned to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. So, on the night of the fight, he isn’t allowed to take his analgesic injections and is immediately at a huge disadvantage, all of which was his own camp’s fault. Had this been mentioned to the NSAC, even one day in advance, then they could have approved his medication.

So why is this selling out, and not courage by fighting through pain? I guarantee if this wasn’t such a high profile match worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the fighters, that it would have been postponed. Instead, they went along with it in order to keep things on schedule. I recognize that postponing is easier said than done, especially in such a high pressure situation like this, but wow did it ever make boxing look bad.

Mayweather – Boxer or Businessman?

Both. Mayweather is as good at picking his fights, if not better, than actually fighting them. He’s incredible at convincing fighters to take a card as they are on their way out of the spotlight. This ensures Mayweather has a solid chance to win. Moreover, he always finds a way to ensure that, no matter what, he will be taking a larger cut of the profits.

We can’t bash him for this, it’s smart, and he has proven himself as one of the best. However, it’s truly difficult to tell if he actually is the best when he never fights anyone in their prime. I’d love to see him give Cotto another shot now that Freddie Roach is training Cotto.

In any case, Floyd pumped up this fight as finally “giving the people what they want to see”, and at the end of the day, he and Pacqious scammed us all.

What now?

Everyone has been saying that the sport of boxing is in trouble, and we unfortunately agree. This fight was a great chance to get the sport back on track, get people interested, and pump it up. However, with such a let-down, it’s hard not to think this is the nail in the coffin. However, there’s a small chance this could be a good thing. The outright failure of this fight to deliver something even close to entertaining may prompt the governing entertaining bodies of boxing to re-think their approach tot he sport. Perhaps we will see more boxing matches on cable TV instead of $100 pay-per-views all the time. Maybe they will somehow advertise market, or promote themselves in a way that reaches the public more, and the rich boxing enthusiasts less.

At the end of the day, this boxing match sucked, was a hug disappointment, and was more business than sport. However, we maintain faith in the sport that has routes dating back to the ancient Olympic games. Hopefully we will see a shift in the entertainment business when it comes to boxing, but we imagine this won’t be anytime soon.

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